NON's Patented Production Process

Through innovation and masterful methods, NON’s production process is a meeting of the minds - science and craft. Our home, located in Melbourne, is where we bring our innovative techniques into one combined space. 

All this effort and care that goes into NON, especially within the production process, creates a unique flavour you won’t find anywhere else. We don’t just do it for fun - we did it for the taste.

Our wine alternatives are 0.0% ABV, gluten-free and certified vegan and halal. We have endeavoured to create an option that is not only inclusive but also non-restrictive. Read on to learn more about our production process and why it’s so important. 


Now, we can’t reveal all of our secrets. In fact, only three people know exactly how we do it all, but our production process has been developed with culinary techniques which have been seen in fine-dining kitchens across Europe for many years. Whilst we do keep our exact process discrete, our aim for NON is to be transparent with the consumer. That's why you’ll find our ingredients listed front and centre on our bottles. 

It's also important for you to know what goes into our drinks and how we do that – it’s about being authentic. 

We treat our infusion blends as we would high-quality food. Using ingredients from the natural world, we transport them to our purpose-built laboratory and kitchen to find the optimum manner to extract the best flavour. Though not without trial and error, we have discovered how to take our unique ingredients, blend them together, extract flavour and layer the complexity to create an entirely new drink. 

To unlock a truly beautiful experience, we have used the power of nature with our multidisciplinary techniques to:


All of our processes enhance the flavour of our ingredients - unlocking a secret world of flavour hidden within each ingredient. We chose this arduous path to let them shine rather than reduce them to a shadow of their former selves. When you see what is listed on the label of our infusion blends, you can actually taste the ingredients in their best form. Nothing is from concentrate. it’s all pure and real. 

This is how we redefine the wine occasion as we know it, and create a drink with full textures and tastes by continually balancing the natural world’s palate. 


The innovative process of NON was designed by a team of expert food & beverage professions, including chefs, bartenders, food scientists and winemakers. This vast knowledge allows NON to be crafted with a science and craft that’s undeniable in its potential. 

Each infusion blend has been influenced by the experience of our team, for what works, and what doesn’t. Without this, our shots would be in the dark. 


using food, not concentrates, with culinary techniques from around the world, our product is about maximum flavour, always. 

Born in Melbourne, Australia - a gastronomical epicentre - our infusion blends rely on the pillars of fruit, tannin, salinity and acidity of which are only triumphant and bold due to the production process and high quality ingredients. Our drinks are iconic in style, with a minimal design that allows the quality and taste to speak for itself. 


NON1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

A chamomile tea base with cold steeped raspberries to maintain that fresh flavour rather than something too sweet, likened to jam. It’s clean and vibrant, with hints of murray river salt to complete the flavour profile.

NON2 caramelised pear & kombu

As more of a seasonal release, we deal with the cruel temptress that is the pear. To find pears in season and ripe enough made NON2 a challenge, but with one moment each year, we were able to create a huge batch to prevent any inconsistencies with flavour. These pears are then roasted and added to a water tank overnight to pull all of the sugar out. kombu is added for that umami note, blended with chai style spices and olive brine for the salinity aspect. 

NON3 Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu

Created with whole dehydrated oranges, toasted cinnamon and of course, yuzu, these ingredients are blended and steeped in filtered water to form something refreshing, bright and slightly acidic. 

NON4 Roast Beetroot & Sansho

with beetroots roasted with a slight caramelisation being the first flavour to your nose and then the sansho pepper bringing the flavour to the back of your palate, this blend is rich and savoury with a certain minerality. 

NON5 Lemon Marmalade & Hibiscus

combining lemon verbena, lemon myrtle and preserved lemon with hibiscus steeped with citra hop, a bright flavour profile is created with a floral and menthol aroma. 

NON6 Tomato Water And Basil

Tomato water provides a clean, fresh flavour with roasted capsicums for body. The basil brings a light texture. It's a body-forward drink with a vegetal quality. 

NON7 Stewed Cherry & Coffee

Sour cherries are roasted and stewed in spices. with the outer husk of the coffee bean cooked overnight in hot water, cold brew is added to create a chocolate body. It creates a contemplative flavour profile that’s rich, and complex. 

With real ingredients, real cooking techniques, real people and real future-forward thinking NON is a new drink, that’s setting a precedent for the future of drinks. 

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